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Animations - Games Designing Course For Kids in Dubai

Unleash your imagination and develop analytical skills to make games and stories with code!

Course information

Age Group : 7+ Years
No. Of Sessions : 40
Platform : Scratch / Pictoblox
Learners will carefully craft and choreograph their own creations using a visual scripting language to animate characters, change scenes and even add voiceovers.Join us on an adventure of a lifetime, as you learn to build epic games using nothing but the #1 children’s programming language on the planet, Scratch. Scratch is the must-know coding language of the decade!
Module 1: Introduction to Coding and Software interface
Module 2: Make your Characters run a race
Module 3: Animate your Characters
Module 4: Understanding Variables
Module 5: Students learn to create a story in which two characters talk without using questions.
Module 6: Understanding 2D plane
Module 7: Understanding Sensors
Module 8: Make Sprites follow you
Module 9: Understanding go-to and glide blocks
Module 10: Revision
Module 11: Randomising speed
Module 12:Learning about Solar System
Module 13: Revision

Our Game Designing Courses For Kids Can Help Him/Her to:

  • Learn to use event handler and movement blocks
  • Learn how to design their stage by adding multiple sprites and backgrounds
  • Adjusting the speeds of movements
  • Understanding Animation and costumes
  • Make the characters talk
  • Understand randomizing positions, variables, and loops
  • Understand the text-to-speech block
  • Create a story in which two characters talk
  • Use addons to add extra features to the story
  • Understanding Cartesian Coordinates
  • Learning how to shift the position of a sprite from one point to another
  • Understanding the use of random block
  • Create a Solar System Animation using broadcast message concept

Your Child Will Learn

Problem Solving
Logical Thinking

Game designing is one of the top career options in the modern world!


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