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Fashion Designing Courses For Kids in Dubai

Introduce yourself to the world of fashion.

Course information

Age Group : 8+ Years
No. Of Sessions : 20
Platform : Fashionista
Students will develop their artistic skills in order to be successful in their future design careers. Evaluate, recommend, and implement various garment drafting, draping, and manufacturing techniques. Students can identify the tools needed for basic sewing skills, comprehend the value of textiles at all phases of the design process, and establish a systematic, analytical approach to problem solving.
Module1: Drafting mini circle skirt on calico
Module2: Continue drafting and cutting circle skirt. Learning how to embroider.
Module3: Create a mood board for a collection
Module4: Design a 6 outfit collection.
Module5: Draft a patterns for the circle skirt.
Module6: Cut the circle skirt and draft waistband
Module7: Sewing circle skirts and continuing 6 design development
Module8: Sewing and decorating circle skirts.
Module 1: Understand the color wheel.
Module 2: 9 heads illustration.
Module 3: History of Fashion: Ancient Egypt.
Module 4: Learn Embroidery
Module 5: Create Moodboard
Module 6: Developing Prints
Module 7: Pattern cutting

Our Fashion Designing Courses For Kids Can Help Him/Her to:

  • Knowledge on primary and secondary colors
  • Ability to use the color wheel to create designs
  • Knowledge on how to illustrate the body figure using the 9 heads
  • Knowledge in the history of fashion in Ancient Egypt
  • Skills in using history as an inspiration for research
  • Learn how to use the embroidery needle and basic embroidery stitches
  • Knowledge on how to do research for their tote bag collection
  • Ability to make own mood board
  • Knowledge on how to create prints inspired by their mood boards
  • Learn the print trends of 2022
  • Understand how prints can create a designer’s identity
  • Skills in cutting, and pinning fabric

Your Child Will Learn


"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham


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