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Fine Arts Classes For Kids in Dubai

Design is the art of discovering all the things that haven’t been made yet.

Course information


Age Group : 7+ Years
No. Of Sessions : 20
Introduction to watercolors; play with brush strokes and marks to discover how the brushes and paints act; create a color pallet page to experiment with how the paints work, what the colors are, and how to alter them. Learn 9 basic watercolor techniques, guide students through using the techniques learned to create their own final painting, and understand how to bring harmony in the artworks by using different layers of wet and dry materials such as Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Soft Pastel, and some technique of coloration in golden proportion composition


Age Group : 12+ Years
No. Of Sessions : 20
“Acrylic painting techniques with an emphasis on reproduction of classic or contemporary artists. When working on challenges, students will be able to build their critical thinking abilities. They will also be able to develop their creative skills by making a piece of art that reflects what they think, feel, and imagine.They will produce artworks based on their observation of colour,tone and texture and mixed it with their creative composition and design from their own imagination. ”
Module 1: Student will learn how to make different types of Handprint activity and work with paint.
Module 2: Student will learn how to work with paint and different materials.
Module 3: Student will learn how to work with popsicle sticks and paint.
Module 4: Student will learn how to use different patterns and colors to make faces inspired by Pablo Picasso
Module 5: Student will learn how to make origami of different things using paper
Module 6: Student will learn how to use different patterns and colors to make faces inspired by Pablo Picasso
Module 7: Students will learn how to use cardboards and different sheets to create animals/birds face masks
Module 8: Students will learn how to use paint to paint a silhouette style painting.
Module 9: Student will learn how to work with paint and markers and make an artwork using the pointillism technique.
Module 10: Design your own playable musical instrument
Module 11: The students learned how to make their masks.
Module 12: Design your clay model or sculpture

Our Fine Arts Courses For Kids Can Help Him/Her to:

  • Create beautiful cards for different themes
  • Use paint and different art mediums
  • Create beautiful artworks using popsicle sticks
  • Create attractive artworks using patterns and colors
  • Use air to produce paper sounds
  • Use paint to make patterns & designs on cloth

Your Child Will Learn

Problem Solving
Logical Thinking

"Game designing is one of the top career options in the modern world!

Course Highlights & Why Arts Classes for Kids in Dubai
There are many reasons to take arts classes for kids in Dubai. One of the main reasons is that the classes can help children to develop their creative side. Additionally, arts classes can also help kids to improve their fine motor skills, drawing skills and concentration. Moreover, taking arts classes can also be a great way for kids to socialize and make new friends.
Benefits of Learning Art classes for kids at Think-N-Innovate
Art classes at Think-N-Innovate help kids develop their creative side while also teaching them important life skills. Through art, kids learn how to express themselves, think critically, and solve problems. They also learn to communicate with others and work together as a team. These skills are essential for success in school and in life.
Fine arts classes certification for kids in Dubai
Fine arts classes certification for kids in Dubai is a great way to ensure that your child is receiving the best possible education in the arts. Majority if these courses include the Drawing classes, Painting classes, paper craft works and etc. By taking classes from a certified instructor, your child will be able to learn the skills and techniques needed to excel in the field of fine arts. In addition, these classes also teach children important life skills such as teamwork and discipline.
Career Guidance for kids who Completing the fine arts classes in Dubai
There are many career options available for kids who complete the fine arts classes in Dubai. Some of the most popular career options include becoming an artist, graphic designer, or art curator. With the right guidance, kids can find the perfect career that suits their skills and interests.

Frequently Asked Question

There are many reasons to join your child in arts classes at Think-N-Innovate in Dubai. Arts classes can help your child develop important skills such as creativity, problem solving, and logical thinking. In addition, arts classes can provide a fun and social environment for your child to enjoy. Think-N-Innovate offers a wide range of arts classes for all ages, so you can find the perfect fit for your child.
Think-N-Innovate is a great place for kids to take arts classes! The classes are creative and interactive, and the instructors are experienced and passionate about teaching art. To enrol for an Arts classes at Think-N-Innovate, parents can visit the institute’s website and fill out the registration form. Parents can also contact the institute directly to inquire about available courses.
Yes, Think-N-Innovate does support kids with Career Guidance after completing the Arts Classes for kids in Dubai. We have a team of career counsellors who can guide and support your kid in choosing the right career path.


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