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Robotics Courses For Kids in Dubai

Coding is made fun with the Robotics kit which will help your child visualize the code’s output and understand the concepts better.

Course information

Age Group : 7+ Years
No. Of Sessions : 40
Platform : LEGO and MakeBlock
Every chapter is a problem solving challenge that improves your child’s coding knowledge along with logical thinking and reasoning skills.
Module 1: Introduction to Coding, Robotics, Sensors and Software interface
Module 2: Understanding Distance Sensors
Module 3: By the end of the lesson, students will know: How Color Sensor sensor works, Their applications in everyday life and in Robotics
Module 4: Students will use the complete design process to solve a real-world problem linked to prostheses and reinvent an artificial arm
Module 5: Designing a 4 legged walking Robot
Module 6: Displaying a weather forecast using qualitative cloud data.

Our Robotic Courses For Kids Can Help Him/Her to:

  • Use of Event Handlers, Loops, Conditional Statements and Sensing blocks
  • Learn the working principle of distance sensors and motors
  • Make Spike Prime follow the line, and make the Robot perform actions based on colors
  • Designed a Prosthetic Arm and used GUI programming to code it
  • Engineering design process
  • Understand the setting for initial positions of motors

Your Child Will Learn

Problem Solving
Logical Thinking

Curiosity is the most powerful thing to own & let your kids own it!

Course Highlights & Why Robotics Course for Kids in Dubai
There are many reasons why robotics courses for kids are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai. Robotics can teach children important skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. In addition, robotics can be a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). With the growing popularity of STEM education, robotics courses are a great way for kids to get ahead in their studies.
Benefits of Learning Robotics Course for kids at Think-N-Innovate
Think-N-Innovates robotics course for kids offer many benefits that can help young learners in a number of ways. For one, the course help teach kids how to think critically and solve problems, which are essential skills for success in any field. Additionally, the course foster creativity and provide a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about science, engineering, and technology. Robotics courses can also help kids develop teamwork and collaboration skills, as they work together to build and program their robots.
Robotics Course Certification for kids in Dubai
Dubai offers a number of robotics courses and certification programs for kids. These programs are designed to help kids learn about robotics and engineering, and to encourage them to pursue careers in these fields. The courses are taught by experienced instructors, and the kids are given the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment. The courses are typically grouped by age, so that kids can be exposed to the material at a level that is appropriate for them.
Career Guidance for kids who Completing Robotics Course
There is a lot of potential for kids who complete robotics courses in Dubai to have successful careers in the field. Robotics is a rapidly growing industry with a lot of opportunities for those with the right skills. Robotics courses can provide kids with the technical skills they need to design, build, and maintain robots. They will also learn about the principles of robotics and how to apply them to real-world situations. Additionally, courses in Dubai can also provide kids with valuable networking opportunities with other young talents.

Frequently Asked Question

Joining your kid in robotics courses in Dubai at Think-N-Innovate can be a great experience for both of you. It can help your child learn about robotics and engineering, while also teaching you a thing or two. The courses are designed to be fun and interactive, so you and your child can bond while learning.
Think-N-Innovate is a leading robotics training institute in Dubai that offers courses for kids of all ages. The institute has a well-equipped laboratory with all the latest technology and equipment. The team of experienced and certified instructors offer comprehensive training on various aspects of robotics. To enrol for a Robotics course at Think-N-Innovate, parents can visit the institute’s website and fill out the registration form. Parents can also contact the institute directly to inquire about available courses.
Yes, Think-N-Innovate does support kids with career guidance after completing the robotics courses for kids in Dubai. We have a team of experienced counsellors who can help kids identify their interests, skills, and strengths. They can also help connect kids with opportunities that align with their career goals.
Robotics enables children to learn how to code and develop their own algorithms to make their robots function. They also learn to work in teams and to think creatively to solve problems. In robotics, children have the opportunity to develop their own designs and see them come to life. This experience helps them to understand how to think critically and to apply their knowledge in a practical way.


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