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Introduction to Speech and Drama (10+ Years) is a course designed for teaching advanced skills to kids.

In this course,students out here will learn various acting techniques including Meisner acting technique, Stanislavski Method, Method Acting Technique, Chekhov Technique with fun viola Spolin acting games, and make their own movie as a group,and will get a chance to perform in front of a live audience.

The activity will include plays, mime, improvisation, theatre games, musical theatre, work with simple sets and costumes, and a concluding public performance.In selected programs,we also offer specializations such as storytelling, mask-making, rap, comedy, stage combat,and video.
Lesson Name Topics & Activity Covered Resources Link
Introduction to Meisner Acting Technique -Students will learn to respond to stimuli and trust their instincts as well as understand their creative potential and embrace more authentic acting.
-Activity 1. Who is knocking?We start with a list of descriptive characters.
-Activity 2. Taxi cap improv game
Students will learn how to perform the musical “Hocus-Pocus -I put a Spell on you”. -The students will respond to music beautifully and can act well ina musical toshow their emotions (evil, being scared,etc.) and gestures to a song.
-Activity 1. Ice
-Breakers -Clap, Clap Name
-Activity 2. Guess What I’m Eating –Mime Game
Students will learn how to perform and make ashort film. -The students will learn to act well and show their emotions to get into character.
-Activity 1 -The Snowball Activity
-Activity 2-Making a short filmLet’s start with shooting our short film now!!
Students will continue to learn how to perform and make a short film. -The students will learn to act well and show their emotions to get into character.
-Activity 1-Making a short filmLet’s start with shooting our short film now!!
Students will learn about different elements ofa poem and how to recite poems. -The students can show their grammar and poetry knowledge as well know the elements in a poem and how to make and recite one.
-Activity 1 -Poetry Bingo!
-Activity 2 -Let’s put your acting to the test... It’s Hangman Time
The student will learn how to use their different senses to act. -The students can show their grammar knowledge and learn how to use their facesto show their expressions using the 5 senses
-Activity 1: SENSORY’ DRAMA PLAY!!
Students will learn how to use one dialogue but many tones and how it can make a difference. -The students will be able to respond well to tones asked and will be able to show the proper emotion when saying a dialogue.
-Activity 1:One line, Many Tones
Students will learn about Stanislavski Method -The method isan actor training system made up of varioustechniques designed to allow actors to create believable characters and help them to really put themselves in the place of a character.
-Activity 1:"Action, 'if',
-Activity 2:'given circumstances'",
-Activity 3: "emotion memory",
-Activity 4: "imagination",
-Activity 5: "communication"
Students will be using the Stanislavski technique in their own films. Learn the seven steps of the Stanislavski method, these techniques weredeveloped to help actors to build believablecharacters.

-Activity 1:WhoAm I?
-Activity 2: Where Am I?
-Activity 3:When Is It?
-Activity 4:What Do I Want?
-Activity 5:Why Do I Want It?
-Activity 6:How Will I Get It?
-Activity 7:What Do I Need To Overcome?
Students will learn how to perform using the Viola Spolin acting technique. -The students can show their knowledge onhow fast they can react to a situation given.
-Activity 1: Angry,Happy,Sad,Annoyed,Clueless

Your Child Will Learn

Team co-ordination

Imagination is more important than knowledge!

Course Highlights & Why Drama classes for Kids in Dubai
Drama classes for kids in Dubai are a great way to get your child involved in the performing arts. Many of the drama classes for kids in Dubai also include games and activities that help children to use their imagination and creativity. These classes are a great way for children to socialize and make new friends.
Benefits of Drama classes for kids at Think-N-Innovate
Drama classes offer a number of benefits for kids. They can help children to develop confidence and communication skills, as well as giving them a chance to express themselves creatively. Drama classes can also help kids to develop social skills, by providing a space for them to interact with other children in a constructive and fun way. At Think-N-Innovate, we offer a variety of drama classes for kids of based on ages. We believe that every child can benefit from the power of drama.
Drama classes Certification for kids in Dubai
Drama classes offer a great opportunity for kids to explore their creativity and imaginations. Additionally, drama classes can help kids to build confidence and social skills. In Dubai, there are a number of different certification programs available for kids who want to take drama classes. These certification programs can help kids to develop their skills and knowledge in a particular area of drama.
Career Guidance for kids who Completing Drama classes in Dubai
There are many different paths that kids who complete drama classes in Dubai can take in terms of their career. One option is to pursue a degree in drama or theatre from a university. This can lead to a career in acting, directing, or stage management. Alternatively, kids can use their drama skills to get involved in other fields such as marketing, event planning, or teaching. No matter what path they choose, there are many opportunities for kids who have completed drama classes in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Question

Think-N-Innovate offers top-quality drama classes in Dubai that can help your child develop essential life skills. These skills include communication, confidence, and teamwork. Joining your child in these classes can also help you bond with them and create lasting memories.
Yes, Think-N-Innovate does support its students with career guidance after completing the drama classes for kids in Dubai. The company has a wide network of industry contacts and resources that it can share with its students to help them pursue their desired career paths. Additionally, the staff at Think-N-Innovate are experienced and passionate about helping others achieve their goals, so they are more than happy to help their students map out a plan for their future.
Think-N-Innovate offers drama classes for kids in Dubai that help them to build confidence, improve their communication skills, and understand the importance of teamwork. The classes are designed to be fun and engaging, and they are taught by experienced and professional instructors. To enrol for these classes, parents can visit the Think-N-Innovate website and fill out the online form.


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